Swap Card

Sending in a swap today for LAshby126 on scs.
It’s a 3×3 mini card and I wanted to make it simple. After looking high and low for Gamsol and a stump, I found a different brand of odourless mineral spirits and a stump at a paint store! After driving by it a billion times, my brain finally zoned in on the large sign on the store front “WE SELL ART SUPPLIES”.
I had some good quality Berol coloured pencils from high school (they seem to work well – I’ll have to borrow someone’s Prismas and do a comparison).
And away I went! I find this method a lot more controlled than the watercolour pencils and blender pen.
(If you can find 3 words in this post that are spelled the Canadian way, I’ll send you a little something…us Canadians, we’re funny with our words. You’ve got until Wednesday the 18th to reply to this post and from the correct answers, which should not be hard after the first person posts, I’ll do a random draw. GO!)
Thanks for visiting!


Comments on: "Swap Card" (15)

  1. dana vitek said:

    he he!
    odourless mineral spirits
    Berol coloured pencils
    watercolour pencils

    I like the Canadian (and British)way better… I just think it looks a little nicer!

  2. kerry davis said:

    hello Tanis!
    Gosh — I guess once a comment is left the answer is out!!! =)
    So, lemme guess. .
    odourless, coloured, and watercolour??
    I happen to agree w/ dana – I like the Canadian spelling of stuff ~ neighbour, favourite, etc….

  3. June Houck said:

    Why did I bother writing these on a sheet of paper: odourless, cloured, and watercolour. LOL!!!BTW, I LOVE Canadians. My great grandparents came to New York and Rhode Island from Quebec. My husband and I have been to Canada 3 times (Quebec, B.C, & Ontario provinces.) LOVE it!!! If you ever want to visit the lovely state of Virgina, that is where I currently reside.

  4. Tami Jo said:

    Hi Tanis!
    the photo isn’t loaded right there is no image… we all await with bated breath to see your entry!!!

  5. Anonymous said:

    I did find them without reading the previous posts first….honest! Here they are: odourless, coloured, watercolour. How funny, ayh?! πŸ™‚ LorieR

  6. Tanis said:

    Thanks Tamijo…that’s so weird…it was there yesterday when I looked!

  7. Corie said:

    Love the color combo on this one. Great job!

  8. Corie said:

    Are these the ones?
    odourless, coloured, watercolour

    Great idea.
    PS. thanks for the heads up.

  9. Corie said:

    OK duh, I could have looked at everyone else’s comments. Yes they are the ones.

  10. foodpartyfun said:

    watercoloured, coloured and odourless are the 3 misspelled words.


  11. KIMBERLY said:

    What fun! I didn’t even look at the comments first and I think I got em’

  12. Flossie's Follies said:

    OK, the Candian words are

    Americans don’t use the “u”
    This was fun

  13. Rhiannon said:

    Gotta love that Canadian “u” πŸ™‚
    “odourless, coloured and watercolour”…my spellchecker is screaming at me πŸ™‚ Found your blog via Allison’s…you have some BEAUTIFUL work on here! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  14. karrie Baker said:

    I know, I know!! LOL

    Coloured &

    Of course, I had to check everyone else’s post just to make sure I was right. LOLOL

    Thanks for letting me play! πŸ™‚

  15. odourless, coloured & watercolour! thanks for sharing your creative work! great blog!

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