WOW! I was nominated by Allison today. I feel very honoured!
So, if I’ve got this right, I’ve gotta nominate 5.
So here they are….

Julee (I’m sure someone beat me to nominating her!! She is such an inspiration, stamping through rain, snow, sleet and mouth pain. She’s definitely moved me forward in so many ways)

Kerry (a super good new friend, with great talents! She’s the Bella queen!)

Julie (just love looking at her site…a Caardvark winner, even!)

Andrea (another Prairie girl! She puts a lot into her blog for her customers (and other lookers, like me!) She’s got talent!!)

Heather (Pinefeather….so so so talented, I’m sure she’s already been nominated or will be 50 thousand times, but I really admire her work and had to let her know!)

So YAY for all of you ladies! You ROCK!

Comments on: "Rockin’ Girl Blogger…" (1)

  1. Corie said:

    Congrats — you certainly deserve it.

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