First, a quick look at what we ended up with cause there were no big marshmallows in the house for roasting. So we did oven smores. Equally good!
Two of the three kids involved liked them. My littlest spit hers in the garbage about 5 seconds after I took the photo. She’d rather eat grape tomatoes, so I shouldn’t complain!

Anyhoo….on with the winner of the Canadian Words Challenge!! (If you missed this contest, you didn’t read my post all the way to the end! That’s ok….more candy coming up for 2500 hits, so stay tuned!)
The Canadian Words were coloured, watercolour (kind of the same, but whatever) and odourless. And everyone got it right! So I threw all those names into a bowl, and out popped…


If you’ve never seen her stuff, make sure you go visit….she’s awesome.

So way to go Karrie. I’ve got a few little things I threw into an envelope. I’ll get your address from you.

I’m going to work on my SCS Challenge 133 now. Maybe I’ll post that tomorrow.
Good night everyone!


Comments on: "Yummies and a Winner" (4)

  1. karrie Baker said:

    Are you serious? I’m a winner??? RIGHT ON!! 🙂

    By the way, the smores… Look sooo YUMMY!!

  2. Tami Jo said:

    this was a growing up treat…oven smores… only my dad did peanut butter, chocolate chips and marshmallow on texa toast and broiled until melty and golden!

    We roasted the real thing on the camp fire a couple nights ago but the kids still prefer their marshies “raw”

    Cristina has a goody “envelop” for Owen from Jack at Mom and Dad’s. just something little.

    love you, miss you.

  3. Flossie's Follies said:

    What great fun smores. Congratulations Karrie

  4. Tami Jo said:

    Solomon says “ooo callie callie callie, I like callie and am be nice to her and i do share to her.”
    we need to see more cousin shots to keep us from missing you all this month!!!
    love you all, Aunty Tami

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