This is what else I do in my “spare time” (what’s that??!!!)
I started this 12 years ago, when my first niece was born. A LOT of trial and error and testing different supplies and formats, but I quite like doing them now. A good way to earn a little extra cash too!

Also, I’ve noticed conversations about ribbon storage here and there and after getting completely frustrated with my own ribbon I came up with this. Since I usually buy my ribbon by the metre, it ended up being stuffed into a lidded box. It was overflowing to the point of not being able to close it anymore. I play with wire on occasion, so I took out my pliers and twisted up this rack. Stuck the ends of 3 or 4 ribbons onto a safety pin and pinned them onto the wire. If I had a craft room, I would have just screwed the wire onto the wall, but since I didn’t want to make holes in my craft pantry, I used those goofy little self sticking clips and stuck it onto the inside of the door. They fall off sometimes, so I have to remedy that problem. But overall I’m quite happy with it. I can see everything I’ve got. OH, and for the ribbon that I bought that’s actually a brand name, I took it off the spool and attached a mini tag to the pin so when I’m submitting, I know what to include in the supply list. Ta-da!

It’s time for another giveaway! We’ll be back on Monday and I’ll find some goodies to giveaway for my 2500 hit celebration!

Stay tuned! And thanks again for visiting!


Comments on: "Something else I do….and My Ribbon Storage" (5)

  1. Flossie's Follies said:

    The plaques are great and what a wonderful idea for ribbon storage, it is right there in front of your face.

  2. mum on the run said:

    Love the plaques!!

    Your ribbon storage looks amazing too!!

    I’ve just seen your comment re: Design Teams on my blog. It’s the first one I applied for so I’m not sure how people usually find the calls I’m afraid. My friend saw the call in a magazine and suggested I respond.

    Good luck!!

  3. The plaques are so beautiful. Love them!!!

  4. kerry davis said:

    Hello there! Very cool idea for the ribbon storage. I have a drawer that is jam-packed w/ ribbon. Some on the spool, some loose – it’s a mess!
    Also, I like your new pic!

  5. Sharon in NE said:

    Great idea to store ribbons!

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