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I always find it {interesting} when people post their crafting spaces. It’s neat to see where people make their creations and how they organize things. I sometimes find it crazy how much stuff and space some people actually have! I don’t have a lot of funds to build up my supplies and keep up with all things new and trendy and sometimes find it very frustrating to keep working with what I’ve already got. OK, I’ll stop this complaining in its tracks! I’ve just been in a bit of a slump this week and I need to get remotivated.
Anyhoo, I thought I’d share MY craft space with you all! I was very happy to get it reorganized yesterday (although it took 4 hours!) for a mere 10 bucks at Dollarama. I bought plastic baskets and bins and put everything related together. I hope this is going to work for me! (I’d be embarrassed to post the before picture, I’ll tell ya!)
So this is my craft pantry. I haul stuff out and work on the dining room table, which is right in front of the pantry. One day I’ll have a job, the kids will be out of the house (I’m NOT looking forward to that!) and I’ll have a space to craft, money to buy the supplies and no time to do anything. Life’s funny that way!
Have a great Thursday everyone!


Comments on: "My Space" (8)

  1. Kimberly said:

    lol! I love the very last paragraph. For 10 bucks your craft pantry looks great! TFS!

  2. Flossie's Follies said:

    Love your organizational craft pantry, I have a folding table that I use for crafting and a cabinet. It does not matter how much you have but rather what you do with what you have. Oh my listen to me. LOL. Have a great day

  3. Diane Noble said:

    I applaud you not only for your use of space, but for your priorities! You are obviously taking care of first things first! I waited years for a craft space. I’m a retired, empty-nester, and I now have the room of my dreams thanks to my wonderful pastor/husband! What a gift! Take a peek at my area (my blogspot) and know that dreams do come true! BTW, I LOVE your life verse!
    Diane (Diane’s Designs)

  4. Juliana said:

    Thanks for posting this–some days it feels like I am the ONLY one who doesn’t have a huge budget for crafting.

    I am so inspired to see that I can be creative AND a good steward of my family’s resources!

  5. kerry davis said:

    Now, I need to get busy organizing my space — a neverending chore! Before we moved & I had a job, I bought up crafting stuff all the time w/ the reasoning that one day I would be a SAHM and have loads of time to use the stuff, but no funds to buy more goodies. Um, well, I still manage to find funds to support this obsession…
    Maybe I’ll get around to posting pics of mine over the weekend. Or, I could wait till after the craft fair and tidy up a bit?? Or, I could do a before and after??? That’d be scary!
    Have a great Friday!

  6. chelemom said:

    At least yours looks clean and organized….unlike my space…..sigh…

  7. All Pink girl said:

    Wow how organized are you ,i dear not some pictures of my craft space lol,Dawnx

  8. Nancy Grant said:

    Oh… if only my area looked this organized!

    Great job!

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