CPS 48

I usually pop my pictures up on top of the computer monitor to take my photos…the lighting is perfect during the day. Look who else loves to sit up there where it’s nice and warm!! He jumped up there just after I plopped my card up. Cutie boy.

This card used the Mellow collection by Basic Grey and the flower stamp is from Queen Kat Designs.
The flourish is hand cut.

This one was fun, but took forever in between all my chores!!

Hope your day is fabulous…thanks for looking!


Comments on: "CPS 48" (12)

  1. Jackie said:

    Love the card and your kitty is so cute! He actually looks alot like ours – same coloring on his face and chest.

  2. Susie Blackwell said:

    Ooooooo Lovely!

    Susie xx

  3. Melissa said:

    Oooooh! Fabulous!


  4. Flossie's Follies said:

    I love this card, your colors and layout. Know what you mean my cat Tiger loves to also get in my pictures. He is the same coloring as your cat but has long hair.

  5. Karrie Baker said:

    What a bunch of cuteness you have going on there! I could just squeeze your cat (mine hates to snuggle) and your card is totally ROCKIN’!

  6. Tanja said:

    Awwww – He matches!

  7. HapEMomE said:

    Wow Tanis! This is really gorgeous!!! Love all the details and I just can’t get enough of the Mellow line from Basic Grey! šŸ™‚

  8. Lisa's Blessed A Latte said:

    Simply Sweet!!! Love everything about this (((Hugs)))

  9. Kristii Lockart said:

    Way cute!!!

  10. JenMarie said:


  11. Queen Kat said:

    oo oo oo oo… I MUST have that card…. TANIS…. I must, I must, I must… jut must have that card… šŸ™‚ Very pretty!

  12. Katie said:

    So adorable! Great details and I think I love your cat šŸ™‚

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