Lead the Way

That’s the name of this cool new set being released for February at QKD.
It’s an arrow set and I had so much fun with it!

This paper has been in my stash forever….(ya, I just checked the date on it…2005!! Get with the times, girl!!)
But I love this Lil Davis paper (that’s the swirly turquoise stuff). Sometimes I just can’t cut up my favourite pieces. Terrible.

How about another question for today? I loved hearing all your answers about your favourite paper……
So the question for today is, what is your favourite way to add a sentiment to the front of your card? Rubons? Stamps? Preprinted items? Handwritten?
I find I’m liking rubons the best these days. The initial cost is so much cheaper, and you don’t get tired of saying the same old thing. Once the sentiment is gone, it’s gone!

Well, thanks for stopping by. Hope your day and your weekend is fabulous!


Comments on: "Lead the Way" (8)

  1. Flossie's Follies said:

    This is so pretty, love the arrow and swirls, your colors are great.

  2. HapEMomE said:

    Hi Tanis! I love all these cards you keep whippin’ out! 🙂 SO cute! And I love your little monster guys… adorable! And to answer your question for the day, I would have to say that I find myself using stamps most of the time for my sentiments. Have a great weekend!

  3. Karrie Baker said:

    Supah CUTE!!!!

  4. Tami Jo said:

    Got your birthday present in Grand Forks… can’t wait for Feb. (I also got Emma’s… can’t wait for July!)
    I am such a goof! AND I won the daily wings card challenge… woot!

  5. Queen Kat said:

    way too cute!

  6. Queen Kat said:

    way too cute!

  7. chelemom said:

    This is adorable! I too have been using up some old paper….I think I have ya beat….mine HAS to be at least 2003! LOL! My favorite way to add a sentiment is with a stamp. I like to do things the easy way!

  8. Lisa's Blessed A Latte said:

    Love this….it’s the cutest!!! You are so Amazing with what you Create!!!!

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