Meet Joe

The April Stamps will be in the store today…I’ll post later and show you what’s new 🙂
In the meantime, here is Joe…

Hope your Tuesday is a fun one!!


Comments on: "Meet Joe" (8)

  1. Flossie's Follies said:

    What a great card, he reminds me of the aliens at the getting ready to take the mother ship home in Men in Black, too cute

  2. Lindsay Spencer said:

    So very cute!

  3. Juliet Diley said:

    I LOVE Jo! Probably because he is cute, and probably because I LOVE coffee!!!

  4. toners said:

    Yeah for Joe!! 🙂

    Now all we need is a tea set….hint, hint! 🙂

  5. dasimonds said:

    lol….Too Cute!
    Yes Joe…”I have coffee”
    Awesome Card!

  6. Allison said:

    Another great addition to your set of monsters. Ha…I get it…Joe…coffee! See, can’t pull one over on me!

  7. Nancy Grant said:

    Handsome JOE! Great card Tanis!


  8. Queen Kat said:

    cute card!!

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