Here’s a card for the “Branching Out” micro challenge at Caarvarks.
Trees are one of my favouritest things (next to owls) and I love this card.

Second, Queen Kat Designs is coming out with something VERY NEW, VERY FUN and SUPER FRESH!

Full announcement will happen on April 30th. But it has something to do with…..
stamps, kits and maybe that’s all I can say????

Get ready for the new launch of a new REVOLUTION in STAMPING MADNESS!!


Comments on: "Caardvarks Micro Challenge and SOMETHING VERY COOL!" (7)

  1. suzann said:

    Very cool card, Tanis. I like how you tied the ribbon (need to borrow that idea!)also like the colors.

  2. Jolene said:

    This looks great! The colors you chose are great with the black and white.

  3. Lindsay Spencer said:

    LOVE IT!! I love how you rolled the paper. And I love the sanding.

  4. HapEMomE said:

    Wow, i love your card and love that tree stamp!
    What could this exciting news be?!?! I can’t wait to find out!

  5. Juliet Diley said:

    I love trees…lol….always am inspired by your work!

  6. Kimberly said:

    Love this! Colors and papers are super! I love the way you curled the paper at the end.

  7. Beautiful colors together! I love how you rolled the ends and tied on the ribbon! Super cute!

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