I think all the patterns on this card are making me dizzy this morning!
The Red White and Blue challenge is from Kathi at OBP (check out the forum on SCS).
Short but sweet….have a great Saturday 🙂


Comments on: "CPS 71 and Red White and Blue Challenge" (7)

  1. lauren said:

    i think they’re makin’ ME dizzy too! DIZZY WITH DELIGHT, that is!!!!!! tanis, i ADORE pattern-with-pattern…and i’m not sure i’ve ever seen it done better than THIS! (wow!)

  2. Laura O'Donnell said:

    this is so pretty!

  3. Tami Jo said:

    K this is what i was talking about! wheres your canadian card!? I challenge you to a maple inspired card!
    swag for you if you choose to take my challenge and post something awesomely canadian and maple!!

  4. Lindsay Spencer said:

    You’re just a genious. You can make everything look good.

  5. kimosabescraps said:

    this is so beautiful!

  6. Kathi said:

    It’s so pretty. Thanks for playing!

  7. dasimonds said:

    I love the pattern paper mix!!
    Red-White and Blue..so nicely done.
    Heart-flower-butterfly wonderful
    addition. Beautiful Card!!

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