I’ve had my eye on Patter’s challenges since almost of the beginning of these…..and now I’m jumping in 🙂 I’ve been wanting to do something for myself for a LONG time….but scrapbooking just wasn’t calling me. Yet I wanted something meaningful for myself. To enjoy my creations and to reflect on SOMETHING. So when Lauren my fellow Caarvarkian offered to make me a journal to get started on something, I seriously started thinking about what I wanted to do. Then I saw Patter’s challenge when I was flipping through my google reader and the lightbulb went on.

So here is my first of many weekly pages that will let me focus on a theme for the week and challenge me to think of all that God wants me to be doing and living.

Thanks Lauren and thanks Patter 🙂 I appreciate you both sooo much!


Comments on: "Scripture Challenge #34" (7)

  1. Allison said:

    Gorgeous Tanis…one of my favs (gotta love a tree!).

  2. Lindsay Spencer said:

    I’m so glad you finally made something for yourself. It’s so cute too.

  3. lauren said:

    oooooh! *I* had a part in THESE?! holy moly, that’s the best thing i’ve heard all week!!! (I *LOVE* these…both aesthetically…and…especially…that you’ve got the “make something for MYSELF” bug…which i warn ya, is TOTALLY addictive!) ♥

  4. HapEMomE said:

    Tanis! I love it!!! So pretty! You know I love O.A.!! So glad you found Patter’s blogs and have been viewing, posting and participating! Isn’t she the sweetest and so inspiring?! You have inspired me to get in gear and start making some ATC’s for the Scripture Challenges! Thanks!

  5. Erin Bassett said:

    Beautiful!! So glad you jumped in on the challenge!

  6. NeniaDawn said:

    This is beautiful! You did an excellent job!

  7. Patter Cross said:

    Oh my goodness, these are AMAZING!!! Wow, love the colors, the embellies, everything! Just wonderful, and I am SO glad you are joining us! Blessings,

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