Good morning! The final challenge of the week is a colour challenge!
Use my favourite colours of brown, pumpkin and olive and create a NEW card.
You must include stamping of some sort and QKD stamps get a bonus entry.
Check out the rules and prizes HERE.
Have fun and good luck!


Comments on: "Challenge #5 – Colour Challenge" (4)

  1. lauren said:

    OOF! well, by golly, here's a coincidence: it just so happens that there MIGHT be a little something brown & orange & olive IN DA MAIL (as of last night) to a certain someone!

    …iz not birfday card, tho…iz not cheezburger either…iz SERPWIZE!!! (sort of!) (well, not anymore, though!)

    (sorry i lapsed into “c-burger speak”…it’s getting to that time of the morning…comic kittehs MUST BE sought out ASAP!)


  2. Lindsay Spencer said:

    Emma, I put that page in my bookmarks. I will vote everyday! I hope you win.

  3. Stephanie Earls said:

    I just voted for Emma’s beanie and sent the link to everyone in my email contacts. Hope your beanie wins. It is very cute.

  4. Jamie said:

    here’s mine, this one was tough since these are not colors I normally use.

    and I voted for the drawing, really cute

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