Happy November 20th!

Time for some new Caardvarks fun!

This week it’s an inspiration challenge….here’s the photo.

And here’s my card. You may be thinking, “haven’t I seen this before?”. Well, oops, yes you have cause I was NOT thinking when I posted last week.

But you haven’t seen the photo yet! And now you can go make your own wonderful creation based on it.

Some important links:

CAARDVARKS (the place to go check out ALL the details)

FLICKR Caardvarks Pool: the place to go and UPLOAD your card (you need to make an account first)

The winner of this round will have the chance to be a Guest Designer for Caardvarks!
I think that’s it! Have fun and be inspired!

Comments on: "Caardvarks Challenge" (4)


  2. Perky Nihilist said:

    What a great picture to serve as inspiration and your card is gorgeous.

    Love your work!

  3. Catherine said:

    Your so good with inspiration challenge, I in the other hand have a hard time with these… very pretty Tanis 🙂

  4. esther said:

    I am seeing it for the first time and a lovely card it is too! Love the wording on the text, very effective

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