The new theme is up at Salt Faith Challenge.
Hazel has touched on a very relevant topic….perseverance.

The verse I have on the inside of my card for this week is one that I had posted in my kitchen for a long time.

I think as moms, we can sometimes get a little tired of the everyday, tedious, thankless jobs that we do for our families (anyone with me on that?).

I mean, really, is my life supposed to be vacuuming and laundry and making lunches and REdusting that tv that I *just* did 2 days ago? But when I start complaining to myself and shake my head and refocus, I know that serving my family, even in these little ways…keeping the flow going, the mess relatively under control (at least I am working on it!)…that’s something that we can do to show Christ’s love to those around us. And when we can PERSEVERE and do these little things without complaining, and “not get tired of doing what is good”, we WILL reap a harvest of blessing in God’s timing.

So even though you might not be persevering through a really hard trial or situation, we are still called to persevere through the grind of life for the benefit of those around us…and that could just be the light someone might need to see.

My card uses Unity Stamp Company’s “Princess Flowerette” and “Distressed Dots background”.

I based my card on this cake…..(Red Filagree Cake) for Unity’s Birthday Challenge #3.

Have a GREAT day!!


Comments on: "Salt Faith Challenge" (12)

  1. beautiful card and beautiful words!

  2. BonnieRose said:

    so in awe here.. amazing!

  3. .................... said:

    GORGEOUS…thanks for sharing!

  4. Michelle Bertuzzi said:

    Oh Tanis, I’m 100% with you on that persevere thought esp complaining to self about all those things you nailed from my thoughts. Haha!

    This sentiment/Bible verse just spoke right to my heart. Do you have those days when you have questions and you wake up and it seemed like it was an answered prayer?!

    Anyways, this card is stunning! So classy, so sophisticated – I LOVE IT!

  5. Laura O'Donnell said:

    Such a pretty card, and I was just over at Unity and drooling over your new stamps. You are on fire!!!

  6. Lythan said:

    OOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOh this is just WONDERFUL!

  7. Oh, I’m with you! LOL! Some days I complain that I’ve accomplished nothing and my hubby reminds me that raising children is most definitely accomplishing something. πŸ™‚

    Adore your card, it is simply beautiful!!

  8. mamaluke said:

    A beautiful card, beautiful verse, and what an encouragement for us mums to persevere!

  9. Julie Masse said:

    Perfect Tanis!! Great reminder for us frazzled moms! πŸ™‚

  10. Michelle (aka mybelle101) said:

    WOW, Tanis. WOW!! This is absolutely gorgeous! And thanks for the encouragement…it is nice to remember that we’re not *really* working on this daily tedium, but actually raising amazing young people! I think I’m going to print out that verse to post on my fridge πŸ˜‰

  11. Hazel said:

    I love the mix of textures you’ve used – this is stunning and such a great choice of scripture for the challenge x

  12. Linda Beeson said:

    Your card is beyond amazing! The white on white is just so stunning! Something I am going to try for sure. Good to reflect on the “stuff” of life too!

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