There were so many fabulous projects at Caardvarks over the weekend!!

I hope you had a chance to take some of it in!!
Thanks to EVERYONE who participated and made the weekend a super success 🙂

I’m sure some of you have been **patiently** waiting for today…my Caardvarks Readers Weekend giveaway!!

Here’s all you gotta do (I HAVE to make you work a LITTLE!!)

Choose 3 of the following readers (and don’t all choose the first 3…try to mix it up a bit!) and leave a comment for each of them on their Readers’ Weekend Post.

Comment on my post here to tell me you’ve left some love for our readers, as well as any ideas for new challenges or favourite past challenges, and you will be entered to win a RAK from me!

I’ll give you till Friday at midnight CST to enter 🙂

Here’s our READER SPOTLIGHTS from this weekend…..

Magdalena Cortez

Sophie’s Creations

Robin Willis


Susan McRae

Diana Foster


Karen a.k.a. Joshua Jiraffe Designs

June Houck

Kay Sibley

Armie Cuaresma

Debbie DeBose

Marije Van Wouwe

Valarie Florer

Kelly Rasmussen

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie

Linda Bowman

Catherine Doucette

Shannon Proffitt

Marianne Gonzales

Anthonette Vicencio

Kimberly Trevino

Barbara Bird

Gina Cunningham

Jennifer Owen

Amy Tsuruta

Shelly Powell

Jenn Koss

Megan Peacock

Kelly Booth


Comments on: "The "WOW! What a weekend!!" RAK" (7)

  1. I left some love for Linda Bowman, Gina Cunningham and Megan Peacock…although everyone had fabulous cards to share! About the Caardvarks challenges, I think it would be cool to have challenges around recycling or upcycling materials in general. Even though we all love to get supplies and goodies it’s nice to think about how anyone can make beautiful cards, even with less supplies or store bought items.

  2. .................... said:

    I’ve been leaving comments all throughout the weekend for various readers (more than 3). There were so many lovely cards on display!
    I was thinking it might be fun to have a card challenge where you have to use beads somehow.

  3. Susan McRae said:

    I left comments on a several cards. There were so many fabulous projects! I’d like to see a colour challenge for making only black and white cards.

  4. Parker and Emma's Mom said:

    So many cute cards to see!

    I’ve hadn’t much time to play in the challenges, but I’m hoping to soon!

    jenniferlynnhansen at yahoo dot com

  5. I left some love for 3… beautiful cards.

  6. I loved looking at all the wonderful works of art! (left love on 3) I’m not good enough to participate in challenges yet….but I would LOVE to see maybe a ‘masculine’ card challenge to inspire me. Hugs, C.

  7. scrappypug said:

    this was a great thing… so many talented folks. .. I spread the love. I am also still a learner, but love seeing what others come up with!

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