I really wish this was me out on the lake in the SUN!!!!!

Wishing for warmer days…and hoping that you have a warmer weekend than I will have!!!

Stamps used:
“Perfect in a lot of ways”
“Kelly’s gnome trio in a boat”
all from oddbirdplanet.com


Comments on: "A Little Odd Bird Planet Fun" (8)

  1. Michelle Bertuzzi said:

    I think I’m in there too, don’t you?! Which one am I? It seems we may be on our way to your place so you could teach me more about sewing and coloring and drawing. This is so cute Tanis! I’m so inspired what you did with the sun. What cardstock did you use? I love the texture.

  2. scrappypug said:

    so cute and yeah.. its time for some warm weather and sun!

  3. .................... said:

    Very cute!

  4. Emily said:

    I’m not ready for summer .
    But I’m loving this card..2 Cute

  5. Karrie Baker said:

    I soooo LOVE this card!

  6. Mike Giesbrecht said:

    dad G would love this one!

  7. Laura O'Donnell said:

    love it!

  8. lauren said:

    ok, but THIS THING is perfect in *every* way!!!!! i love, love, looooooooooove, LOVE, love, loOOOoOOOoOOOOOOOOOOooove, love this! the sentiment, the boat, the…ummmm…boat guys (?)…the waves (!!!) …& especially that FABULOUS funky sun!!!!!!!!! (which i plan to rip off–AHEM–“pay tribute to” ASAP!!!) 🙂

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