This one. Cause the sweetie I sent it to has received it 🙂
You can click on it to see more detail 🙂


Comments on: "Now I can Share…." (11)

  1. Yvette said:

    Hi, just found your blog through the recipient of this ADORABLE book mark! Tanis this is soooo cute! What a nice gift idea to give to the readers in your life!!! TFS!

  2. Ashley said:

    This is beautiful Tanis!

  3. Eryn Hagen said:

    Absolutley adorable! These bookmarks are wonderful…and I have to agree with Christi, you are one TALENTED woman! Lots of great inspiration here!

  4. scrappypug said:


  5. Beth Norman said:

    I am really enjoying the series of bookmarks you have produced. So, so amazing, esp. your own handwriting. Keep them coming!

  6. Beautimus Maximus 🙂

  7. Lori Craig said:


  8. HapEMomE said:

    Umm… wait a minute… I didn't receive it yet! lol 😉
    This is adorable!!

  9. Raechelle said:

    This is beautiul! I am enjoying your blog! 🙂

  10. lauren said:

    as i was trying to think of new superlatives to suit this magnificent creation, i happened to scroll thru the other comments. i'm gonna go with a combination of "THUD" and a side order of "BEAUTEOUS MAXIMUS" if that's ok with you?! ♥♥♥

  11. Mel M. M. McCarthy said:

    DrrooooooooooL! That was one lucky sweetie who received this. I agree with Lauren-not enough super superperlatives. It is SCRUMPTIOUS! sighhhhhhh! :O)

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