There are certain card artists that I visit that use WordPress (yes Tiff, you’re one!)
Everytime I go to their blogs the photos POP. Impressively.

I’m considering switching.

YES? NO? OPINIONS? Is it hard?

Your thoughts would be MOST APPRECIATED!


Comments on: "Opinions?" (3)

  1. Ashley Cannon Newell said:

    I'm on board with you on the switch. I hate to have people update their RSS feeds/emails, BUT, I think it WP is better in the long run. They offer much more template options than Blogger (sorry Blogger)! I'm just contemplating when I want to actually do the switch!

  2. Tifany said:

    I honestly haven't noticed a difference between the two…I'd love for you to stay on Blogger, but I will probably follow you wherever.

  3. sunghee said:

    I say YES! I tried Blogspot and 3 other free blog tools, but I've found the WP the best. I still haven't figured out how you can have Followers on WP and I think the Blogger gives you more option to connect with other bloggers, but WP is easier to post text and PHOTOS!
    And, I'll re-suscribe if you decide to switch a different blog.

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