Of me 🙂

I tried out cross racing yesterday. Hubby and kids rocked. I nearly puked. More than once. I think I need to start some endurance training. We’re considering purchasing a new cycle trainer, cause we don’t like the one we have now.

Maybe that will help?

Here’s some visual proof that I was there. If you don’t know what cross racing is, I’ve included some photos of my hubby doing the real deal. Barriers, sand, hills, mud and all.

I love this race series cause it’s so family oriented. There’s always free food and bevvies and a nice party afterward. GREAT fun.

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Comments on: "a day in the life…." (3)

  1. yay for spectating at cross races! no endurance training for me! no photos of the loudest cheering section by the sand pit though hey!? we had such a fun day with you there. great memories!

  2. How fun Tanis! I didn’t know you cycled?!? I do, too. Although I haven’t entered any races yet. I’m a runner so I’m looking for a good duathlon that isn’t marathon length. LOL

  3. duuuuuuuuude! you are SO SPORTY!!! 🙂

    i did MY cross racing yesterday: i dashed VERY QUICKLY from the side of the street where work is to the side of the street where the coffee shop is!!! i was SO FAST i didn’t even need the bicycle…annnnnnnd…on the return trip i successfully carried a hot beverage without spilling!!!

    …does that count…?

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