You know those tools that you JUST HAD TO HAVE when they were all the rage? Those tools that are sitting in the bottom of your drawer and haven’t seen daylight in a LOOOOOONG time?

Tiff made this SWEET CARD yesterday…and is aspiring to “BRING BACK THE CRIMP”. That immediately said “challenge” to me, so I whipped out my neglected crimper and made this card.

Do you have a crimper? Let’s help Tiff BRING IT BACK! I’d love to see your crimped creations…link them here if you decide to play along. THANKS TIFF for the inspiration. That is one tool that should have never lost its fame.



Comments on: "Bringin’ It Back" (7)

  1. Thanks girl for the shout out! I remember last year when you were the QUEEN of crimp 🙂 Your card is GORGEOUS!

  2. Tanis, I love this card! You girls are going to convince me to pull my crimper out of the recesses of my drawer. smiles…

  3. Beautiful card, love the crimping and the colors are great!

  4. terisplace said:

    Amen to that. Uber cute, Tanis! And bring on the crimpin’. —teri

  5. carla said:

    I never had a crimper but love the look- great card!

  6. Your card is beautiful! LOVE the dimension and texture the crimper adds… I don’t have one but have always loved the look!

  7. Linda Littlepage said:

    Hey that butterfly is very cute…. nicely done!

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