It pours. Or flurries if you live here. Where it is presently snowing.

Yes indeedy, TWO posts in one day.

There’s a micro challenge going on at Caardvarks….so HURRY and create a card by midnight tomorrow (Tuesday) based on the colours of  YOUR NEXT STAMP‘s logo….and you could win a super sweet stamp set. Check out the Caardvarks blog to see it and to link up your card.

Here’s the colours…

And here’s my take on the challenge…have fun creating!


Comments on: "And when it rains (or snows)…" (6)

  1. Tanis! I LOVE this!!! 🙂

  2. Martha Pineda said:

    just beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous card, what a fun challenge…might have to try this one out!

  4. jan metcalf said:

    I like your individual style!! Very modern yet heartfelt!

  5. Tanis, this card is so simple and GORGEOUS! Love the modern feel of this!

  6. oooooooooooh those ARE gorgeous colors, and i LOVE what you have done with them…particularly the fact that you’ve mixed them in with EARTH TONES!!! brilliant!!!

    (of course, if *I* tried that, it’d just look like MUSH…sadly, i do not have the TANIS VIBE…do you give lessons??!?! i’ll be up there like a shot…as soon as it’s SPRING!) 🙂

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