Like when the EXACT item I’m looking for is in the LAST store I have time to look in AND the low low price of 3.99 is marked down a buck.

I know that I’m not the only person with papers in piles or stuck all over the fridge. And who finds it almost impossible to find the info you’re looking for when you need it.

SOOOO, when I was reading a “get organized” article in a magazine at my mom’s, I finally found a USEFUL tip.

PURCHASE: The Binder. Had to be kraft. Didn’t know if they existed. FOUND.

PROJECT: Alter the front to look all pretty, place dividers inside for each family member and 3-hole punch all school notes, updates and schedules for easy access. NO MORE papers in piles, or falling off the fridge and no more scrambling for info 5 minutes before the bus comes.

RESULT: I’m happy with my binder. I’ll be even happier when I find the perfect spot for it 🙂

Stamps: Bevy of Butterflies, Unity Stamp Co., Pocket Silhouettes, SU.

Comments on: "Little things make me happy…" (10)

  1. So super super fabulous! LOVE the idea of this and you did a WOW job! Love it! So good to get a deal and steal too!

  2. A fabulous idea… Now I’m off to search for a Kraft binder!

  3. So beautiful and such a fab idea. Will you make me one? 🙂

  4. What an awesome project. I love it … would be great for gifts too. Gotta know where to get those binders down here.

  5. Wow oh wow what a great idea and this is so beautiful!!!!

  6. ooooh, this is so pretty, Tanis! I think that I need to find me a binder… smiles!

  7. this is fabulous Tanis! I need to get myself that binder!!!

  8. Ummm…. yeah!!!! this is fabulous! Love the altering and the album is a wonderful idea! I don’t have kids and I want one!!!! 🙂

  9. oh yeah, i’m a big fan of binders; i probably buy more NOW than i did when i was in school! i have a recipe one… (well, strictly speakin’ it’s JEFF’s…but i organized it!) …a font one…a sketch one…an inspiration one, and so forth.

    having said that, NONE OF THEM is *kraft* (!!!) …OR…1/1,000,000th as COOL AS THIS!!! time for a binder makeover, for sure!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  10. Wow!! This is beautiful. Whilst I don’t have notes or papers all over my fridge that I need to keep under control….I find that I do often print of a crafting/cardmaking technique or idea that I would like to keep and have dozens of loose pages floating around my craft area.

    I think I’m going to use your idea and get them all organised together in a folder that I’ll have altered suitable first!!

    Love the colours and techniques you’ve used on yours. Beautiful.
    Michey xxx

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