Anyone who knows me well will ponder at the post title today 😉
Cause I am NOT a techy gadget girl AT ALL! Well, I do have a cell phone – well half a cell phone – it’s the family phone. And a fairly recent acquisition.

But I digress! Clear and Simple Stamps has this COOL new application for iPhones. When I first looked at the sample, it reminded me of a magazine page. Card photo, supply list, instructions – nice and clean looking too.

SO, when you subscribe, you get a FRESH new card every day, complete with all you need to know to make it yourself. DAILY inspiration. That’s a great thing!

You can see it HERE (and sign up too).

Today my card is the Card of the Day. Here’s a little sneaky peek 🙂



Comments on: "Clear and Simple iPhone App" (2)

  1. just when i thought i could not want an i-phone MORE than i already do! sigh 🙂

  2. YA! I saw IPHONE on your facebook update and thought “is facebook messed up?” LOL!! YOU are the coolest person ever. YOUR card is being sent to all these people with an iphone! I really wish I had one right now. I bet your card is amazing. That’s such a cool idea!

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