The challenge this week (from Ruth) was about our homes. Does Christ have a visible effect on the way our homes operate and look? Do we extend our home to others and offer it in service to Him?

I chose this passage from Deuteronomy because of the very focused direction it points in – how the theme of our lives  (which should be to love God with all our heart, soul and strength) should pour out into how we live here on earth. How we speak, how we act, how we teach our children, how we go about life. How our soul purpose – to love God and enjoy Him forever and to glorify Him in all we do – is reflected in the little, everyday things of our lives.

The length of the passage I wanted on my ATC restricted how much I was able to put on there so I could still read it! But I quite like the bright happy simple scheme of this one.

Thanks for coming to look and read. I challenge you to take a look at the post over at the Salt blog and participate in the challenge 🙂


Comments on: "Salt Faith Challenge" (8)

  1. that is such a beautiful ATC Tanis, so well thought out

  2. Oh Tanis, I just love what you do with ATC’s!!! This is just so adorable, so homey, so perfect!! Love it!

  3. Tanis, this is a great post (love your card, too). You’ve hit the nail on the head about living it out at home! And our kids watch how we interact as a couple. They learn so much about life and relationships from how we act, not just what we say! God Bless you! On my way to check out the Salt blog!

  4. I love it Tanis!! Perfect choice for the challenge – we even had a bit of the same thoughts! 🙂

  5. Simple and soooooo super cute!

  6. Lori Craig said:

    oh how I love this… have a wonderful weekend, Tanis!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful card and so so so very meaningful, love it Tanis!

  8. This is perfect for the challenge – beautiful ATC x

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