Happy Saturday!

Pretty gloomy over here though!

Here’s a couple of SRM projects that were featured on the SRM Stickers Blog on Thursday! I super super love the definition stickers on so many of their sheets.  I love cutting them into strips and then they fit exactly how I want them on my card. And it’s SO easy to do, too.

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! And happy Memorial Weekend to all my Canadian friends. Hope you’re doing something fun!

Comments on: "Happy Saturday!" (6)

  1. These are CUTE! Love the star on the first and the and stitched stems on the second! 🙂

  2. Agata said:

    Such great cards! I love the way stickers just melt into your creations!

  3. both are gorgeous but I love the paper and layout of the first. very masculine!

  4. SUPER adorable cards! LOVE LOVE LOVE your rolled flowers! Just absolutely PERFECT!

  5. well, i super SUPER love both of these! and yes, how brilliant to cut the definition into strips…it really adds a lot of interest and a LITERAL twist to have it sideways! 🙂 i love the words cut to fit the star shape, as well–what a great FD card!!! ♥

  6. Love both! Totally love the flowers in the last one!

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