Yup. Shopping is NOT my best friend. I don’t like malls. Get me in and out with what I need as quick as humanly possible. Once in awhile, I enjoy a walk through Costco or Walmart.


Let me compare prices and products or shop for my favourite paper crafting supplies ONLINE?? I’M THERE! There’s something to be said about the time saving convenience and money savings of store websites.

CSN contacted me about reviewing a product for their store….I was a bit hesitant at first, having never seen or heard of this place….

But WOW! These guys have everything under the sun and more. And it’s so easy to search stuff out and compare prices.

And FREE SHIPPING?!?! How can you beat that?

I spent a LOT of time browsing the site figuring out what product I wanted to review (and you’ll see that review here very soon!)….SO MANY OPTIONS!

We are in the never ending process of improving our basement. I’m thinking that when we’re doing fixtures, I’ll probably check here first….

LOVED these wall sconces so much….hopefully I’ll find something so fun when we’re ready to install lighting.

ANYHOO, I’ll be back soon with a YUMMY review of something I’ve been looking for since last summer. And CSN had one! Imagine that.

Hope you have a great weekend my friends!


Comments on: "Confessions of a NON Shopper" (1)

  1. I am bad i like shopping at stores and the interent! lol

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