CSN Review

So awhile ago, I had mentioned that CSN STORES was sending me a product to review…..

AND TODAY IS REVIEW DAY!!! Pay close attention, cause in the NEAR FUTURE, I will be having a 50 dollar gift card giveaway for CSN STORES and reading this review will gain you TWO extra entries for that giveaway!

THIS is what I picked!

And OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is ONE amazing machine!

My kids absolutely LOVE the waffles I’ve been making with this FUN waffle maker. I mean look at the HEARTS! How fun is that?

I’ve used it twice. Here are some pros and cons I’ve thought of so far.

* EASY to clean (I haven’t actually needed to clean it – it takes care of itself)
* SUPER fast cooking (just over a minute for a waffle)
* Amazing variations in “doneness” – you can have your waffles cooked crisp, soft, light brown, dark brown, medium brown, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, crispy throughout…(you get the idea!)
* The HEARTS make my family happy 🙂 (simple pleasures)

I haven’t come across any, really. Once in a while, the middle of the waffle will stick, but I just flick it free with a fork.

OVERALL, I’m extremely happy with this product, especially since I’ve been looking for one since last summer.

Now it’s YOUR TURN! All you have to do to gain those extra two tickets in the draw is comment with what you would pick if you won!

Go to the store, browse around and leave a comment. It’s that easy! Just click the logo to start looking.

The cutoff date for comments is September 1st, 2010.


Maybe you’d pick one of these….


Comments on: "CSN Review" (20)

  1. If I could have anything at all from that site, I”d love to have this, because I really need some good paper storage and I love the doors on it – which would keep dust and cats at bay.

    However, that one is uber $$, so I’d more likely get this one as I could afford the slight difference in cost, and it would more than hold all my 8×11.5 paper, especially if I doubled up some colours.

  2. LANA DAY said:

    I really want the waffle maker..it’s so cool.

  3. Bwahaha … we don’t really ‘do’ waffles here in Northern Ireland so when I first saw this I thought Hmm, is it a new embossing machine!
    (Don’t count me in the draw as I don’t think they ship to NI)

  4. Tamijo said:

    There is a cooling rack I like and a frenchfry press.
    one I would get because I need it, the other because it is a novelty that the kids would love and encourage them to eat their veggies! hmmm do they have icecream makers? I might check out that too.
    love the waffles!

  5. That waffle maker is amazing! I think that would be my first choice if I were to win something for free. If not the waffle maker, maybe a paper trimmer since my trimmer’s measurement marks are almost none existent any more!

  6. How fun–I want a waffle maker now! I also want this::: http://www.csnstores.com/Travelon-42347-JF1281.html

    This handbag is super cute–gray with lots of pockets–super cute:)

  7. StampinCathy said:

    That waffle iron is cool. Love the shape of them…they look like flowers. I’ve been looking for so many things there. I really like their lamps and been looking at a few kitchen goodies too.

  8. alecia (asarasota) said:

    I’d definitely want that Ott light, it rains so much here there’s never enough daylight to take clear pix when I scrap late in the day. Cool! Neat store.

  9. I’d use it toward a LeCreuset skillet.

  10. domestic diva said:

    I’d use it toward a guidecraft kitchen helper. Thanks for the chance!

  11. I could really use the Ott Light. I have a hard time seeing as it is and I need alittle help. Thanks for giving us a chance to win some wonderful gifts. Good luck everyone.

  12. I would love a new waffle maker. Ours doesn’t work well at all. i am going to have to look into this waffle maker. Love that you can pick your doneness.

  13. Marge P said:

    I found some fleece clogs that look like they’d be cozy in the winter.

  14. I would use it towards a Venture Horizon craft hutch, or a Safeco 18 pocket panel bin :)!

    Inky Hugs,

  15. DeniseLynn said:

    O I saw some bedding that would be perfect for our guest room. We got the bed and are awaiting the matress and box springs to be delivered soon. But that heart shaped waffle maker sure is tempting too!

  16. Oh those waffle look SO yummy!! I already have a waffle maker however, I’m in desprite need of a new paper cutter. I would have to buy a paper cutter:) Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Wowzer, I saw this didn’t even think of it, since i don’t eat that much waffles.
    I’m gonna have to give it another look.
    Thanks for the drawing..

  18. OOOOhhh my kids would luv the waffle maker !
    Every time we stay at a hotel…. that’s what they get so excited about !

  19. Henria O. said:

    My daughter really needs a bookcase in her room. So, I’d pick the Guidecraft Classic White Bookcase!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  20. Henria O. said:

    I’d pick the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper for my daughter!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

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