Cards Challenge

The challenge at the Cards Blog this week was to create a card using a handmade flower.

Intrigued by the predicted trend of crepe paper and inspired by Betsy Veldman and Julia Stainton’s use of it in Card Style (by Paper Crafts), I decided to play with some crepe paper to create a flower.

This is what I ended up with. And I even made my very first (unprofessional to say the least!) video for your crafty enjoyment. HAHA!

Here’s the card…the video (a one shot wonder) takes you through the steps of creating a flower like this yourself.

It’s over 8 minutes long though, so grab your coffee first if you want to watch it. I tried to make it short, honest!


Comments on: "Cards Challenge" (5)

  1. StampinCathy said:

    Your card is gorgeous. Great video too!

  2. gayle said:

    This is sooooo cool . Great video, thanks for sharing your technique. I love the way you did this.

  3. Love that flower, I will have to try that! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your first video and yes, I did learn something new. I don’t know anything about stitching so the running stitch is so awesome to know right now!! I have to find my stash of crape!! Brilliant flower idea, just gorgeous!

  5. Michelle said:

    Great card! And thanks for sharing the technique – you make it look so easy! 🙂

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