December Daily

I can’t believe November is almost over!! SO much going on here, it went by in a flash.

STILL thinking about how I want my upstairs to be after we finished our floors.

For a reason that would take WAY too long to explain, we only have five matching chairs at our dining room table. And yup, we have SIX people in our family, LOL!

I’ve been searching over at the CSN stores site for something that would kinda match – and considering tossing one chair and opting for a low barstool on each end…. I really really like these ones, cause they are seat height and I can stain them to match.

Still looking, still thinking, still deciding 🙂

Anyhoo, I started a December Daily album – but I’m planning on doing it NOT so daily, since I’m really bad at taking pictures…

I made my album from canvas, pieces of kraft chipboardy stuff (packaging material saved from a recent shipment of craft supplies) and transparency sheets.

All stamps are from the December Daily stamp set by Technique Tuesday.

Here’s my cover, and some peeks at what I’ve got going on inside so far. I’ll post some more once I get some more done!

Sorry for the long winded post! Thanks for reading it all!


Comments on: "December Daily" (2)

  1. LOL – we only have 2 matching chairs at our table and we only have 3 chairs and 4 people – so I’m in the same boat! My husband sand I trade off sitting on each others’ laps at Sunday dinner! LOL – not really but it’s true about our chairs! LOVE your DD, friend! That canvas is too cute!! Can’t wait to see more!

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