I’m BACK!!

And I supposed if you’re reading this, you haven’t given up on me yet 🙂

A quick update of the last 5 weeks of my life:

January 16th – phone call from the principal of our school in town. Can I come in for a 2 week full time subbing job starting the next day. (QUICK thinking performed as I visualize that scenario and consider the implications). Answer: YES.

February 17th – the end of the “2 week turned 5 week subbing job”

February 18th – This coming Tuesday bring the start of a HALF time (mornings) position until the end of June in that same classroom.

And that’s the reason for my LACK of crafting! Today turned out to be a “snow” day, so I got to create something. Hooray!

Here’s the card. I’ve used the new LITTLE LADIES stamp set that’s now available from Technique Tuesday! CLICK HERE to see all the new sets that will start shipping at the end of February. FUN fun stuff 🙂

OH and I also used my NEW Tiny Attacher (Tim Holtz) I got from my mom (THANKS MOM! I love it!)


Comments on: "I’m BACK!!" (4)

  1. That’s THE perfect background text for that image.

    I love the card. It’s fabulous and humorous too!

    Congrats on the job. Happy Birthday too!

  2. So nice that you are back and I bet that the pay was pretty good too!

  3. Super cute! And yay for the snow day!

  4. That is so cute!! And what a perfect day for a snow day….hope you’re having a wonderful birthday, Lady Talent!!! Congrats on the job!

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