So I’m constantly last minute panicking 5 minutes before my son heads off to a birthday party because I NEVER have boy cards in my stash.

So I made one today. So that next time I won’t panic.

Stamps used include Monsters Ink and Happy Birthday and a dot from I’m not sure which set cause TT puts those ESSENTIAL little dots in so many of their sets! (Yes, I love the dots.)

Thanks for coming. Sorry I’ve been so absent!


Comments on: "a card for today" (7)

  1. Super cute!!! Love the monsters and the arrows!!!

  2. perfect!

  3. extremely cute….

  4. This is just too cute! And the perfect boys card! Love the arrow and the staples.

  5. Tami Jo said:

    FYI party on thursday! 😉

  6. cathy potter said:

    this great for my grandson It is cool

  7. Awww, Tanis, I love it! I need to beef up my stash of boy birthday cards for the summer! This one is super cute!!

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