I made these for an upcoming TT challenge that will be posted soon on the blog (stay tuned for details!).

Teri challenged us to create something based on this super cute photo…..

I totally loved the colour scheme of this sweet guy and came up with these 3×3 minis:

(stamps used: Chit Chat, Make a Splash and Monsters Ink (the sentiment))


Comments on: "a trio of minis for feb 21" (25)

  1. this little set is adorable!

  2. Kris Chirhart said:

    What a sweet little set, Tanis!! Just adorable!!

  3. Such darling sweet cards!!!

  4. such cute cute cards…I love the little sea critters..

  5. These are so so cute! Adorable Sea Critters! I love your colors!

  6. Carol M. said:

    What a great set of cards! I like this size and these critters (?) from Make A Splash look really fun!!

  7. Sue D said:

    Very cute set of mini cards!!

  8. Barbara Thompson said:

    These cards would be great for summer and kids!

  9. Julie A said:

    So cute! I have a baby shower coming up – one of these would be perfect!

  10. CUTE !!!! Love the cards!!

  11. B. Poteraj said:

    The background paper is perfect–it looks like bubbles.

  12. Adorable card set!

    Carol B

  13. natasha g.p. said:

    The soft colors look really good on this card. Nice job, missy.

  14. Micah G. said:

    The twine is a nice addition to these cute cards.

  15. Susan Lynch said:

    I loved that the background was green, not blue. Cute card

  16. Becky Green said:

    SWEET CARDS!!!!!!!!! WHAT A NICE SET!!!!! LOVE the inspiration for this!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  17. These are cute…reminds me of a swimming party…love the green….

  18. We are lovers of sea life, so feel in love with your cards! Thanks for sharing your cards with everyone!

  19. NWFlamingo said:

    Watch out…you’ll get that monkey all wet!

  20. Cindy Clevenger said:

    What wonderful go to cards when you need a Birthday sentiment as you dash out the door! I think you did a great job with the challenge!
    Cindy C

  21. Jan Castle said:

    Darling cards!

  22. What wonderful cards! The little sea animals made such a happy card!

  23. Alison said:

    Cute set of cards. Love the colours!

  24. Phyllis B. said:

    Your minis are so, so cute! Nice job! Great cards!

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