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WELCOME!! This is a pretty fun TWO DAYS to be involved in! Thanks so much for HOPPING over to my place 🙂

If you’re here and you don’t know about the Just Rite blog hop that’s happening, PLEASE feel free to play along! Your best bet is to start right at the beginning at the Just Rite bl0g. The hop order is posted below.

My cards both use the Times New Roman Uppercase Font…THREE SIZES in ONE KIT! Love that. I loved being able to make my own messages and phrases with these stamps. EASY to set up and clean up, PERFECTLY EVEN stamping every time.

JustRite is celebrating their Mega Font Hop (a 2 Day Event with 54 designers)in style with a Super7 Day Font Sale. Take 30% off all JustRite font sets and the Horizontal and Veritical Font Stampers. Sale begins Sept 17th and ends Sept 24th.

There is Mystery Blog Candy being given away during the Two Day Just Rite Font Blog Hop!!!

There will be 3 blog candy giveaways on each day and you can only win by leaving a comment on the right blog! The real surprise is you won’t know which blog has the candy…..even the designer doesn’t know! So as you visit each of the 54 designers over the two day event take time to leave some comments…..who knows, the lucky winner may be you!!!!! You have until Sunday at noon to leave a comment for your chance to win. Then check back at the JR Blog on Sunday evening to find out who won!!!! Enjoy the Hop.

Just Rite Blog
Michelle Wooderson

Sankari Wegman
Heidi Blankenship
Eva Dobilas
Beate Johns
Sharon Harnist
Barbara Anders
Sharon Johnson
Deb Saaranen
Becca Feeken
Kazan Clark
Lauren Meader
Tammy Hershberger
Linda Beeson
Jenny Gropp
Lori Craig
Tanis Giesbrecht <—– YOU ARE HERE!
Jenn Balcer
Lisa Somerville
Karen Maldonado
Pamela Smerker
Karen Taylor
Latisha Yoast
Julie Overby
Mary Pfaff

Comments on: "JUST RITE Font Blog Hop" (198)

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, love those colors.

  2. Very pretty! Love the colors too.

  3. What a fabulous use of the Fonts!!! Love what you’ve done with these!!! 🙂

  4. Michelle in Mi said:

    Love your colors and design!

  5. Swedie said:

    Great ideas for using the fonts. Thanks.


  6. Very cute card, love the play on words.

  7. Pat M said:

    Great use of the different fonts.

  8. I love how you used the letters. Great card.

  9. Oh Tanis I just love both of these!!

  10. jan metcalf said:

    Your examples show Just Rite can be used for anytype of greeting!

  11. Judy Inhoff said:

    Nice layout and colors. I like the different fonts you used.

  12. Connie Melancon said:

    very pretty cards. I love the first one.

  13. Very cute cards! Love how you used the fonts! Very nicely done!

  14. Patty W said:

    Love your cards, so very cute!

  15. What cleaver use of the Just Rite letters and fonts. I love the stiching

  16. Jan B. said:

    How wonderful to see your ideas and use of making the verse.

  17. love the color scheme. Fall colors are my fav. 🙂

  18. so cute!! love the flowers and then the play on words 😉

  19. I love how you mixed font size. Great cards.

  20. Teresa said:

    What a great way to use the fonts. Cute cards.

  21. Very creative use of the fonts!

  22. Selma said:

    What a great way to show how to use all the fonts. Great cards.

  23. Lesley said:

    Great cards…I’m thinking this might be my favourite font of the lot – and you’ve showcased it so well!

  24. Very nice use of JustRite stamps. I can see I’ll be needing more of them. Thank you for sharing.


  26. Lakeside said:

    These cards are wonderful…you’ve really shown the versatility of JR stamps. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  27. Donna VW said:

    I love the thanks card.

  28. carol b said:

    Justrite is certainly great for doing your own words.
    carol b

  29. Very lovely! You showed us a great idea in how to use the font. thanks for sharing

    Hugs Cathy

  30. I just love how you used the fonts to a maximum to create these gorgeous cards!!!

  31. Fabulous customized cards! I especially like the ABC background paper you created!

  32. Totally wonderful projects. Well done!!!

  33. Great use of fonts. Loved the card. Thanks for sharing

  34. Great examples of the different things you can do with Just Rite. Backgrounds and sentiments. It’s not just for monograms anymore! 😉

  35. I love you Bible Verse card! Perfect! I am so happy I stopped by here today! 🙂

  36. Great cards! I love the versatility of making your own sentiments!!! These fonts rock!

  37. Jessica Purvis said:

    Love that first card. Great bible verse!

  38. Loving the way the fonts can be used. Great job.

  39. How creative, Tanis! LOVE you card ideas…and how you utilized the fonts!

  40. Bernice Barnes said:

    Shows how versatile and original you can be creating your own sentiments – good job. You can mix & match any letters to make them look great.
    Bernice Barnes

  41. Rhonda Miller said:

    Those are some great ideas. I’m loving all the things you can do with these stamps.

  42. Cute ‘type’ card.

  43. thanks for sharing just wonderful cards.

  44. oh, these are wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  45. Gorgeous cards Tanis!!

  46. Gorgeous projects thanks for sharing

  47. janet mack said:

    I am just getting idea after idea on this hop.

  48. Love your cards. Very nice job. Thanks for the blog hop. One of my favorite things to do.

  49. Monica LL said:

    I like the color combination and the cards of course. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  50. Jessica L said:

    Great fall colors. I’m not ready for all the christmas holiday ideas just yet even though I know it is just around the corner.

  51. What a lovely way to show off the fonts! – Nimmy

  52. Barbara said:

    Great use of different size fonts in the phrase.

  53. Clarinda said:

    This is a wonderful way to show case the different sizes… rats now I need to get some more! lol

  54. This is so STUNNING!!!! Love the way you’ve used the font stamps on the first card to write the scripture!!! WOW!!!

  55. Peggy Sue said:

    Very nice card. I love when Bible verses are incorporated in cards and scrapbooking. God bless!

  56. Olivia M. said:

    Lovely cards! Great work.

  57. What a clever way to use the fonts. Great work!

  58. Love these cards. Using differect colors on the type makes the card festive.

  59. Very creative use of fonts! Thanks for sharing – love ’em!

  60. Cute cards! Thanks for sharing!

  61. stephanie said:

    Great job, TFS.

  62. Love that there are so many types with different sizes in one. I make cards for Operation Write Home, & these sets will really break up the monotomy of using the same stamp again & again. Even just using the same phrase & changing the sizes will help me to feel like they don’t all look the same.

    This is an excellent example of how to use Bible verses. I could even make flash cards for the grandkids, so they can memorize the verses. I used to do calligraphy, but my letters would always go downhill. This will make it so much easier for me to personalize the verses to different people.

  63. WritingEli said:

    Love what you shared. You really used the fonts to their greatest potential. Thanks.

  64. It is awesome to see all of the different ideas with the JustRite stampers. Really cute

  65. really great work

  66. I hadn’t thought of using stamps for such terrific word art! TFS!

  67. Diane Rath said:

    Thank you for showing the example of using the fonts and scripture in your card. It is well done!

  68. Great projects! Thanks for sharing.

  69. Jenny Lavender said:

    Love your projects! Thanks for sharing!

    Jenny L.

  70. Great thing i like it..Greetings from Finland.

  71. Ellek said:

    Cute, per usual. I love the font sets…can’t wait to get more! Ellek

  72. Holly Murphy said:

    awesome cards…loved the “just my type”…how appropriate!!!

  73. I love JustRite’s Blog hops! I can’t wait to see all of the participant’s blogs.☺ I love your projects.

  74. Love the way you used the font stamps. Great cards.

  75. Tanis! What cute stuff! LOVE that scripture verse one- how perfect and the others are great.

  76. Susan G said:

    Cute ideas and great use of the fonts. Thanks for sharing.

  77. Wonderful work!

  78. Love the cards and colors. I don’t have a type set yet, but I’m trying to choose one.

  79. JPScraps said:

    Really great cards. I love the change in font sizes.

  80. bluemoon said:

    These fonts are so VERSE-atile! :)Pun intended. Great cards.

  81. mom2maddy said:

    So simple, yet so sweet! Love them both!

  82. Teresa Blue said:

    Love the creative way you’ve used the fonts.
    Great cards…especially drawn to the first one.

  83. Dottie K said:

    Great use of the fonts. So cute!

  84. Beautiful work :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  85. Great projects

  86. Debra V. said:

    I love these simple, yet so nice cards. Sometimes less is definitely more-as is the case here!

  87. Sandy Duley said:

    These are so cute. These fonts are so interchangable. Love being able to mix and match.

  88. Martha Pineda said:

    how cute, love them both.

  89. Luanne Ford said:

    Very nice use of the JR stamping Fonts. I know I need more……so may posibilities! Thank you for sharing your creative project.

  90. Deepa said:

    Great color choices!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  91. Diana N said:

    Nice use of JR fonts! Nice to see some simple cards that anyone can create!

  92. Carmen said:

    Beautiful use of fonts, course I love anything with scripture. lol

  93. Lovely card! Thanks for sharing.

  94. AndreaA said:

    I love these stamps, now i see that I am going to have to buy more.
    Nice cards!

  95. Shirley Lee said:

    Great use of all the different fonts. I like the look. Thanks for sharing!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  96. Very cute creations.

  97. Great work love the stamps

  98. So wonderful Tanis!! I LOVE your creations!!

  99. Tanis! these are fantastic!!!!

  100. Linda Duensing said:

    Love your card and the colors and designs.

    Linda D.

  101. Dotti said:

    Very cute cards, love your color choices!

  102. tammy newger said:

    Lov’in the projects on this hop..tons of inspiration I want to play!

    Tammy Newger

  103. Betty said:

    you’re just my type is such a cute card – thanks for sharing!

  104. This is so beautiful!!! Simply genius! LOVE the sentiments that you have created!

  105. KyJeJe said:

    Nice cards.

  106. Marla H. said:

    Nice cards – great choice of fonts.

  107. Kris B. said:

    Very Nice … love your color combination. Thanks for sharing.

  108. joanne said:

    You really get your words worth on one rectangular stamp.
    Not to mention how many just rite stamp fonts you used-awesome! You’d think Just Rite was having a sale on fonts or something. LOL How versatile those stamp sets really are is shown in your card.

  109. Annmarie G said:

    Very creative use of Justrite fonts. Thanks for sharing.

  110. Cyndee said:

    I like how you combinde the different font sizes together. I don’t own any Just RIte products now, but I wonder how many will be on my wish list by the time the BLog Hop is over!!!

  111. Awesome creations!!!

  112. Love what you did with the fonts!


  113. Rosie Waldt said:

    Very unique and creative. Rosie

  114. What fun font ideas!!!

  115. very good ideas. Thank you

  116. I think I need to get some of these fonts!

  117. Kathy Thompson said:

    Love the use of the fonts. Nice job.

  118. I love that you used various font sizes on your Give Thanks card. It builds interest and entices the eye to move all over and back again! This would be a great card for the upcoming season. Thanks for sharing.

  119. Vicki Sanders said:

    Like your simple designs. Thanks!

  120. Great cards thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  121. Patsy Eccles said:

    Very good demonstration of using fonts! Thanks!

  122. Wonderful designs Tanis, love the way you mixed the fonts. I love your life verse as well! I need to be a little more gentle and LOT more quiet . . . LOL.

  123. Great projects!!!

  124. marlis said:

    great inspiration, thanks

  125. Carol Froehlich said:

    I really like this font. Simple but clean.
    Thanks for the car ideas.

  126. Carol Froehlich said:

    I really like this font. Simple but clean.
    Thanks for the card ideas.

  127. Sandra said:


  128. Darlene Gabriel said:

    Pretty cards. I love how the Justrite fonts and blocks allows us to make any words/phrases. I like how you used it to do the verse. Thank you for your inspiration.

  129. Val W said:

    It’s so cool, how you can make any sentiment you can think of with the Justrite stampers and fonts. Great cards!

  130. Nancy C. said:

    Very nice cards – I really like the font! Thanks for sharing!

  131. Margaret Peltier said:

    Very nice cards – thanks for sharing!

  132. Cathy Weber said:

    I loved the great use of fonts

  133. penanink said:

    Thanks for sharing so many creative ideas with fonts. Helps to get out of the box. Thanks.

  134. L. Brown said:

    Really love the card with the scripture. Why didn’t I think of that? All of the cards were great.

  135. Marsha said:

    Very cute. Really love the textured letters.

  136. Lynda K said:

    Perfect choice of Fall colors! Beautiful projects.

  137. Linda B said:

    Amazing work!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  138. Very nice and a great sale at just rite also.

  139. Love the cards. Wonderful colors and designs. Thanks for sharing. Nancy in So Cal

  140. Fun with fonts – you make it look so easy!

  141. Maggie said:

    Great way to showcase the fonts. Very nice cards.

  142. All three of these are wonderful inspiration.

  143. Elsa L said:

    Theses cards are great. I love that you can use JustRite stamps for all phrases you want to personalize your cards. Thanks for sharing.

  144. Cute cards! TFS.

  145. lorililac said:

    Nice combination of fonts…I gotta get me some!

  146. Linda Peterson said:

    Very neat cards. Thanks for the ideas.

  147. Your cards are plain and simple and just lovely 🙂

  148. Diane said:

    Cute cards & great ideas for using the fonts. TFS!

  149. Carrie said:

    Cute cards and don’t you just love the fonts!

  150. Using these individual fonts for religious cards is really good. So often commercial religious cards just don’t seem to be right, or be appropriate for what you want.

  151. Karen W said:

    Very cute card!

  152. Teresa said:

    You gals are all so talented. Love your cards.

  153. carla said:

    love these!

  154. Great use of the fonts, thanks for sharing your ideas.

  155. Cindy F said:

    Great cards, thanks for sharing.

  156. Very cute, thanks for sharing.

  157. BECKY said:


  158. Becky T. said:

    Very nice!

  159. great use of the fonts! tfs!

  160. Loved how you mix and matched the different fonts. Thanks for sharing.

  161. Very clean and simple. Nice colors as well. TFS

  162. Beautiful work!

  163. Cherie said:

    Lori, Your cards are just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

  164. Cherie said:

    OOPS! Sorry……………I mean’t to say Tanis, but was on the phone with girlfriend Lori! Guess I can’t type and talk at the same time! 🙂

  165. Cherie said:

    Tanis, Your cards are just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

  166. Thanks for sharing! thanks for being part of the blog

  167. Fabulous projects! Love the great colors and the greetings. TFS!

  168. Deanne G said:

    Thanks for such inspiration!

    Deanne G

    dcartegroves at yahoo dot com

  169. Tracy MacDonald said:

    Great examples. Thanks for your ideas.

  170. Great use of the fonts…creative!

  171. Gilda McCain said:

    Love your ideas for use of the fonts.

  172. Tanis, great cards. Beautiful sayings. Thanks for sharing. May God bless you today. Mary

  173. fabulous use of the fonts!

  174. Pansy said:

    I love this card and it is also my favorite verse..tfs

  175. Sue D said:

    You did a fantastic job showcasing the fonts!

  176. Really like the verse on the first card…this is the font I have. I haven’t found the letters easy to clean. Maybe I am doing it wrong….

  177. SusanH said:

    Love these cards! Thanks for sharing.

  178. Linda said:

    What a GREAT verse for your card.
    I don’t have any JustRite stamps but the more I see the more I want.
    Thank you!!

  179. Love these cards Tanis and I love how you did the “just my type”. I won’t have to buy another type of those sticker sets again.

  180. Laurie D. said:

    Very nice work! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  181. I really enjoyed these…lovely work!


  182. Wonderful… great work on each ,the scripture is a good one anytime but especially this time of the year. smiles

  183. Wowzers woman! Look at all your comments! YOU ROCK! Your cards are SUPERB!

  184. Heather Woods said:

    Fantastic use of the fonts – simple but effective!! tfs.

  185. Thanks for sharing your creation with us. Great use of the fall colors and font.

  186. Phyllis M. said:

    Beautiful card and great use of the fonts on it. Lovely colors and papers. Thank you for sharing. Phyllis M.

  187. Sheryl Sharp said:

    Love the “Just My Type” card! tfs

  188. Great cards!

  189. SO many beautiful ways to use the fonts. In so many colors. thnx for sharing

  190. Loydene said:

    I love the lettered background! Thanks!

  191. Cheryl in Cincy said:

    Love it!

  192. Susan B said:

    Great projects.

  193. Laraine R said:

    Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!

  194. Very nice cards. The “You’re my type” is adorable. Thanks for the inspiration.

  195. Both cards are so wonderful, Tanis! TFS!

  196. Those stamps are really great to make clean and simple cards. Very nice!

  197. I love your ideas- kissing the stamps- and the first card- wow

  198. Vickie Y said:

    Your cards are lovely! TFS

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